Sunday, 16 October 2016

Exhibition at le Petit Pressigny October 2016

I have been experimenting with different constuction methods and with mixes of clay.  The vase to the left is constructed using a mixture of clay from our garden, stoneware and porcelain.  The large centrepiece is part thrown and part coiled.  The porcelain pieces are slab built as are the rectangular pieces.  The blue tea bowls are the smallest of my work!  
Everything is high-fired in an electric kiln.

The village of le Petit Pressigny holds an annual art week-end with villagers hosting artists in their outbuildings.  We were in rather a magnificent wine cellar, which drew lots of comments in its own right!

Large, deep, thrown bowl with oxide and glaze decoration.

Small, Japanese style tea bowls.

The large pieces to the right and leaft are constructed using the coil method and have different clays in the body, and clay with oxide added before firing.  The moon bowl is part thrown and part coil

Large coil vase.

The large centrepiece is high-fired stoneware, part thrown and part coiled.

Large shallow bowl with cobalt edge and oxide decoration.