Exhibitions 2010

An Exhibition of Paintings by:

Helena Hadjioannou and Mark Judson

Art Cell Gallery
Saturday 4th December 2010 – 2nd February 2011.



Saturday 4th December 2010 to Wednesday 2nd February 2011
Art Cell Gallery, Cancer Research UK, Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way,
on Puddiscombe Way,  Cambridge, CB2 0RE
Open Monday to Sunday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Free. http://www.stefaniereichelt-photographyandprints.com/artcell.html

Press Release

Structure, Texture, Form and Space, these are factures that link both of these two artists work.  The canvas is used as an expression of an inner world in that intuition and impulse are important during the working process. Both artists create texture by the use of sand. Helena uses oils and Mark uses earth, glass, sawdust, acrylics inks and oils, and although both artists use a similar way of working the final outcome is quite different.  Mark’s work is colourful and open to interpretation, capturing a frozen moment of being and becoming. Helena’s work is less abstract, she uses structure within a natural environment as a metaphor for humanities constant dance with nature.  The textured surface of each piece invites the viewer to enjoy not only what the work depicts but also the materiality and surface of the work itself. 

A mutual respect for each others work has made them decide that it would be exciting to have an exhibition together.  Mark and Helena first met back in 2001 when Helena exhibited work at the Pelican Gallery where Mark was Director of Art at the Perse School.

Mark was born in Peterborough, Cambs.  He moved to Sheffield, Yorkshire for his Degree, BA (hons) Fine Art; followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Leeds University.  He began a career in teaching art at Garforth near Leeds where he taught for three years. But he returned to his home County in 1984 to spend eight years at Sawston Village College. Mark made his final move in education to the Perse School in 1992 where he became Director of Art. In 2005, Mark and his wife moved to the Poitou Charente region of mid-west France, where they renovated an old farmstead creating a new home for themselves, a holiday cottage and last but not least a pottery and art studio where he now creates his artwork. Mark has exhibited his  paintings sculpture and pottery widely and they can be found in private collections in the UK Australia France Germany Belgium Finland Netherlands and the USA.

Helena was born in Cyprus and moved to London as a young child with her parents and 5 siblings.  She married and moved with her husband to Cambridge where she has been living ever since. She always had a love for Art but due to other commitments was not able to fulfil her dream until she was an adult.   She decided to follow her heart and enrolled at art college (AHEC ) Cambridge where she did a foundation course in Art and design.   This then led her to study at Central St Martins in London for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, which she received in 1996.  She has been exhibiting her paintings and digital artwork as a solo artist and in groups, has had a solo exhibition in Cyprus last year and has been showing her work with Cambridge Open Studios for the past 11 years. Her work can be seen in private collections locally, nationally and abroad in Cyprus, Brazil, Belgium, USA, and Australia.
Art Cell Gallery Cancer Research UK, Li Ka Shing Centre, Robinson Way, on Puddiscombe Way, Cambridge CB2 0RE

Opening times are Monday to Sunday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

For further information contact:

Helena Hadjioannou,
Tel:                 01223 242900
Email:             helena.hh@talktalk.net
Mark Judson
Tel:                0033 549913096
Email:              judsonsinfrance@wanadoo.fr

Mark Judson
Chenevaux, St Pierre de Maille 86260 France

My paintings for this exhibition are on canvas and board. Most comprise of richly textured surfaces that are layered with combinations of sand, earth, glass, sawdust and colour in the form of acrylics, inks, oils, watercolours and gouache to create a truly mixed media image.
All of these paintings are influenced by the rationale of the Abstract Impressionist movement in 1940’s 50’s and 60’s America and the principles of Wabi-sabi (a simple and modest lifestyle; one which is peaceful, balanced and in tune with nature and enjoys objects that are aged fading or weathered) in Japan. They are also based on either the local landscape around my home and studio in St Pierre de Maille in France or the textures, forms and glaze effects on the ceramic artwork I also create in the same studio. Some of the more simplified images (Q,R,S &T) require the viewer to gaze at the centre of the image for some 30 seconds then to glance away onto a blank wall, look again and blink to see a touch of magic! These are called ‘after images’, do you see them?
My textural pieces are taken on a journey where natural composition, intuition and impulse play an important role as the painting evolves.  Colour is applied by brushing, pouring, dribbling and spraying on pigment that may subsequently be subjected to a process of erosion using warm water, acids white spirit or using utensils to scratch away paint as appropriate. Even a blow torch is occasionally used to create the desired effect.  The painting is complete when I am satisfied that my objectives have been achieved and the journey is over.
The viewer is encouraged to view the paintings in three ways. Firstly as a whole and from a distance (macro) and secondly from close up in selected zones (micro). Finally through light touch to gain a textural experience as well as a visual one.
Look and you will see.
 As Camille Pissarro said to Paul Cezanne;
‘Do not be shy of nature, you must be bold, even at the risk of going wrong and making mistakes, there is only one teacher, Nature itself’.

Mark Judson
Chenevaux, St Pierre de Maille 86260 France

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