Tuesday, 5 March 2019

JEMA Atelier Ouvert 5/6/7 Avril 2019

Atelier Mark Judson
Chenevaux 86260 St Pierre de Maille
05 49 91 30 96
Ceramique, Tableaux, Sculture

De St Pierre de Maille suivez la direction Angles sur l'Anglin. Aux croisement des routes prenez le D5 direction St Savin. Apres 1.5km vous voyez notre panneau a droite.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Forthcoming Exhibitions February 2018.

Some exhibitions coming up in France and England in Spring 2018.

Firstly as advertised below at our local village in 86 Vienne, where I will be joining around 20 exhibitors showing a mixture of our old and new work, in my case ceramics, open all day with refreshments available. Angles sur l'Anglin is officially designated one of the most beautiful villages in France.

And secondly in the lovely village of Whittlesford, South Cambridgeshire, at the studio of talented atists and friends Marc and Vandy Massey. I will be exhibiting my recent collection of stoneware ceramics.

A few examples of recent work that will be on show at the above.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Mark Judson New Work January 2017

Hand-built high fired (1250C) stoneware slab pots.
Two group photos followed by individual photos and pricing of each pot.
For more information or to purchase please contact judsonsinfrance@wanadoo.fr

H 25cm, W 7cm, D 7cm
£80 (+P&P)


H 31cm, W 7cm, D 7cm
Price £90 (+P&P)





Close-up of glaze
Close-up of glaze

H 17 cm, W 11cm, D 6cm
Price £70 (+P&P)



H 20 cm, W 10 cm, D 5 cm
Price £75 ( +P&P ) 


H 22 cm, W 7 cm, D 7cm
Price £60 ( + P&P )

H 30 cm, W 7 cm, D 7 cm

6 Sold

Glaze detail - sold

H 20 cm, W 12cm, D 4 cm
Price £70 ( +P&P )


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Exhibition at le Petit Pressigny October 2016

I have been experimenting with different constuction methods and with mixes of clay.  The vase to the left is constructed using a mixture of clay from our garden, stoneware and porcelain.  The large centrepiece is part thrown and part coiled.  The porcelain pieces are slab built as are the rectangular pieces.  The blue tea bowls are the smallest of my work!  
Everything is high-fired in an electric kiln.

The village of le Petit Pressigny holds an annual art week-end with villagers hosting artists in their outbuildings.  We were in rather a magnificent wine cellar, which drew lots of comments in its own right!

Large, deep, thrown bowl with oxide and glaze decoration.

Small, Japanese style tea bowls.

The large pieces to the right and leaft are constructed using the coil method and have different clays in the body, and clay with oxide added before firing.  The moon bowl is part thrown and part coil

Large coil vase.

The large centrepiece is high-fired stoneware, part thrown and part coiled.

Large shallow bowl with cobalt edge and oxide decoration.