Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Exhibition at Whittlesford Gallery March 9th and 10th

My next exhibition will be at the Whittlesford Gallery, The Old School, High Street Whittlesford

I already knew Vandy and Denise from my time living in Sawston and Duxford, and we have kept in touch since moving to France.  We're looking forward to exhibiting together and hope that as many of you as possible will come along!  We will also be having a private view on the evening of 8th March, from 6 - 9pm, so if you would like an invitation please contact me judsonsinfrance@wandoo.fr

Mark Judson
Having taught art for 23 years Mark decided it was time to concentrate on his own creativity. He moved to Chenevaux in the village of St Pierre de Maille, France in 2005 and started a new life ( with his wife Caroline ) as a gite owner and artist. Mark now has his own studio with a ceramics workshop downstairs and a painting studio upstairs. Here he creates his individual ceramic pieces in stoneware, porcelain and earthenware using a variety of techniques including throwing, slab and slip-cast pieces. His inspiration comes from the local landscapes and colours within them. These are represented in his pieces through texture and the use of experimental glazes. Mark’s abstract paintings initially attract the eye with their bright colours. On closer inspection his use of texture, found objects and layers of paint add another dimension. The paintings are transformed once again under coloured and moving light.

For information about holidays, art workshops and everything else Chenevaux has to offer www.chenevaux.blogspot.com

Vandy Massey
“I paint for the sheer pleasure of watching images emerge on the paper and find it thrilling when a picture demands attention.”
Vandy Massey started painting in watercolour at the end of 2009. She occasionally works in oils, but watercolour is her preferred medium.
She grew up in South Africa and now lives in Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire. Africa still influences her painting in discernable ways: She loves strong colours and aims to capture a sense of space or scale in her work. Recent works have also moved towards including textures in her watercolours to emphasise mood and create a dynamic element.
Vandy supports Help for Heroes through proceeds of her paintings. Her works are part of private collections in the United Kingdom, United States, France and South Africa.
Vandy blogs at www.vandymassey.com

Denise Shearing
My boxes are all handmade, mainly using Obeche, which is a sustainable wood with a fine grain allowing me to create a smooth finish. Decorated using special paint techniques, leather and beads each box is unique. They are all lined with suede board making them an ideal gift for jewelery, trinkets or just as an ornament.
Inspiration came from not wanting to waste off cuts of wood and from the first simple shape they have evolved and taken on a life of their own.
I love colour and shape so creative ideas can come from anything and anywhere and usually strikes in the middle of the night!
Each box can take several days from idea to completion.Commissions can be colour coordinated to suit any room or occasion.

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