Monday, 17 September 2012

Open Studio week-end 20th and 21st October 2012

Open studio week-end at Chenevaux, St Pierre de Maille.

I will be doing demonstrations on the wheel and will be happy to answer any questions about ceramics or painting that you may have!
Interested in pottery classes?  Come and have a look at the studio and find out more.

Work for sale

Downstairs is the ceramics studio.  I specialise in high fired stoneware, experimenting with textures and glazes to create interesting effects.  My work is thrown or slab built.  I also do some slip-cast and porcelaine pieces.  Some pieces are domestic-ware and some purely decorative.

Upstairs is the painting studio - there is lots of natural light from all sides making this a lovely space to work in.  My paintings at the moment are abstract acrylics using colour, shape and texture to create images that "move" in different light conditions.


From St Pierre de Maille take the direction Angles sur l'Anglin.  Go up the hill, past the garage and grain silos on your right.  At the crossroads take the direction St Savin (D5).  After 1.5km you will see our Gite/Chambres/Poterie sign on the right.

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